Scentographers is our own personal device to store and play memories of scents.

Each scent is stored and reproduced as a digital video.

All images are shot where the scent is sensed, then processed, filtered and edited in a video according to the scent cues.

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Incense and Gasoline2021

Koyasan, Yokohama, Japan
Our noses were permeated by the incense burnt in Koyasan settlement; we were almost wrapped by a resinous and woody layer that insulated and sealed a hieratic experience. That felt like some sort of holy initiation to prime our nose to the intense benzene smell we sensed on a boat tour around Yokohama’s port. The pungent odour from hydrocarbons, antifreeze, lots of different chemical compounds and, of course, benzene, had a suppressing effect that buzzed with our indulgence.

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Sulphur 2017

Iceland Sulphur was surrounding and permeating our days: the geothermal water we drank and had showers under, the hot springs we soaked in, our own towels and clothes absorbing it from our skin. As if the volcanic rocks and soil we were stepping on were infiltrating our nose and brain with a violent, decomposing yet sublime and transcendent odour.


Popcorn 2016

Isle of Wight, UK Wandering through the marvels and terrors of a XIX century amusement park, trails of popcorn scent were blown by the sea breeze leading the way to fairy tales, pirates and gargantuan dinosaurs. Sweet and salty and burnt and ludicrous and grotesque and bewildering.


Eucalyptus and Mould 2014

Cyprus We walked miles and miles of silvery, balsamic and intoxicating eucalyptus fragrance. We stood still in secret and secluded byzantine churches, immersed in the airless, earthy and poignant odour of mould crying down their frescoed walls.


Salty wood and Carbon steel 2014

UK A blend of salty sea breeze, wet wood, burnt metal trails. An intimidating and terrifying feeling layered on the most serene and glorious surrendering.


Sara Xiayu and Paolo Moretti

Scentographers 2022